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At Paddington Academy we are about outstanding learning. Every decision is made with the question in mind ‘will this help the students to learn better and achieve more?’ We believe in a relentless focus on high achievement in all areas of the life of the Academy.

We are clear that there are no excuses for underachievement. We aim to identify barriers that may be standing in the way of achievement, understand them in relation to our context and then focus on breaking them down, one by one. There are no excuses. We specialise in knowing our community and how best to support all our learners.

The culture that has been established is about a persistent focus on high standards in EVERY aspect of school life: learning, behaviour, attitude, uniform, attendance and punctuality. We insist upon consistency and a commitment to shared values – by individuals, groups and the whole community. We will always challenge anything that is less than the very best that each individual can give.

We instil in our students from the start a sense of integrity and confidence. Every adult in our community is a role model; every student is a role model and we all have the opportunity and responsibility to have a positive impact on the lives of others. We all ‘walk the talk’ and create a positive learning environment in all that we do. We give trust and respect at all times and ensure that students have fun and are happy in their learning. This ethos has established a success culture that we celebrate at every opportunity.

In order to achieve ‘the best in everyone’ the students have the following motto as their guide:

  • ‘Win win’ EVERY time
  • ALWAYS do our best
  • ALWAYS do the right thing
  • ALWAYS look smart

How does PA bring the best in everyone?

We believe

Our students learn to

Our students leave us

Learning is the most important reason for being at the Academy.

Nothing should stop learning.

Teachers and students are active participants in the learning process.

Know that the street stops at the gate.

Dress and behave appropriately in a formal environment.

Have high standards for themselves and be good role models.

Feeling safe and secure at PA.

Able to learn effectively and with the resilience to continue doing so.

No matter what the starting point, outstanding progress is achievable by all.

There are no limits, no short-cuts and no excuses.

Overcome any barriers to success and to achieve at the highest level possible.

Recognise their ambitions and talents, focus on them and realise them.

With the qualifications and determination needed to reach their ambitions.

Paddington Academy is a unique community where all people are of equal value.

Disadvantage is not a barrier to success.

Acquire the personal and social skills they need to participate in different situations.

Always seek a ‘win-win’ solution.

Always show courtesy to others.

Able to function effectively in any area of society and as part of a community.

Feeling confident in a variety of situations.

Education gives you freedom.

Fulfilment is derived from having choices in life and being able to choose to do what you enjoy and are good at.

Pursue a sense of self-worth and recognition of worth in others that is not linked to possessions or status.

Able to make responsible choices and to fulfil their potential.

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