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Garden Party at the Palace

Garden Party at the Palace

Published on 25 May 2016

Mr Jones and Mrs Murphy attend a tea party at Buckingham Palace to celebrate HRH The Queen’s birthday

During the summer term Mr Jones and Mrs Murphy attended a garden party at Buckingham Palace to celebrate HRH The Queen’s 90th birthday. 

Mrs Murphy reported that: “I felt extremely proud and privileged to be asked by our principal Peter Jones to accompany him to the Queen’s garden party on 24th May 2016.

I had previously been to Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s 60th birthday but entering the palace gardens again took my breath away they are fantastic. We passed the lake on our way to the huge marquees. We positioned ourselves in line where the Duke of Edinburgh was greeting special guests as he zig zagged along the line it was wonderful to be in his company, he lent heavily on his umbrella and was surrounded by security and guards dressed in red and gold, the sight was amazing!

As the royal party departed to their marquee for refreshments Mr Jones and I went to get our afternoon tea. I had lemonade with cucumber and mint sandwiches delicious with the crusts cut off and little pastries. Mr Jones had tea all served on a beautiful china dish it was fabulous.

The guards then asked us to make an alley for the royal party to walk through then along came the Queen looking wonderful in blue with the Duke of Edinburgh followed by William and Kate (who looked absolutely stunning) then Beatrice and Eugenie followed the atmosphere was electric.

Walking slowly back through the palace gardens I appreciated even more just how lucky I was to have been invited again in the Queen’s 90th year.”

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