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Staff Area

This area is the designated staff area and includes links to various online resources that only members of staff have access to. Please click on any of the links below to access the webpage required.   Alternatively you can click on the images aside to get access to the page of your choice.

MINT Class

Click on the following link to get access to your MINT Class.



Email access | Office 365

  If you are an Office 365 user please click on this link to get instant access to your emails and documents. 
Use the same log in and password details as if you were to log in at work.
E.g.: name.surname@paddington-academy.org | usual password 

Remote access


By clicking on the RDS image (on the left) you can access remotely all your work resources including your home folder, shared drives and SIMS information.



United Hub  

 At this link you can access United Hub, the group wide Intranet, just type your usual user-name and password in the designated spaces.



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