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» You wanted more opportunities to get involved in school life.

»  We contacted every child’s parents via letter to offer opportunities and invite participation, and placed a survey link on social media.  We hold a minimum of three parent forums a year to gather feedback on any whole-school changes.
» Our uniform suppliers were not reliable enough. » We thoroughly researched new suppliers for new uniform, and held a well-attended parent consultation to gather input and feedback. The new uniform is cost-effective and we have staggered the introduction to the new uniform for existing students to make it manageable.
» You wanted to know more about how your child was getting on with homework, you wanted more homework and more guidance about what homework should be completed.
» New student planners and a greater emphasis on recording homework clearly in lessons make it easier for parents to see what their child should be completing.

We created an additional column on student reports for teachers to report a homework grade alongside an attitude to learning grade. We have also created a 100% book or folder with ‘at a glance’ content for each learning cycle (see the curriculum page for more information), and every child has received a self-quizzing book to support them with memorisation homework tasks. We are also using Hegarty Maths for reliable homework tasks that can be monitored by teachers.

»  You wanted more support for homework completion. »    Homework clubs run after school Tuesday-Thursday, and every morning from 7.30am where a subsidised breakfast is also available.
»  You wanted more support for homework completion.
»   Homework clubs run after school Tuesday-Thursday, and every morning from 7.30am where a subsidised breakfast is also available.
»  You wanted students to feel more accountable for homework.
» The profile of homework has been raised across the school, and the sanction for not completing homework tasks has been included in the ‘No Excuses’ behaviour policy.
» You wanted more practical guidance as to how to support your child at school. »  We have adapted the format of our Parents’ Information Evenings to include a carousel of talks for specific year groups, such as providing academic support for your child at home, understanding assessment, and managing behaviour at home.
»  You wanted it to be easier to top-up your child’s lunch account so they didn’t have to carry cash to school.
»  We introduced ParentPay, enabling easy online top-ups. 
»  You said you wanted the culture of regular reading regularly established at primary school to be continued into Year 7.
»  Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 and 13 conduct class reading in tutor time twice a week for a minimum of 20 minutes. The texts are voted for by the students, and every student practises reading aloud to develop confidence and fluency.  
» You wanted more reliable communication when your child was kept behind for detention.
»   We send text messages to inform you if your child is kept behind, and make phone calls to explain the reason.
»   You said you wanted your child to have more support with revision strategies and more guidance on how to revise
»  Assemblies have been dedicated to teaching students how to revise effectively, and this was also shared with parents at the information evenings at the start of the year. Students also spend time practising effective revision, guided by their tutors, in tutor time. The strategies we are focusing on are spaced learning and read-cover-write-check (see the curriculum page for more information).


#hardwork #integrity #excellence

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