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Our GCSE Citizenship curriculum ensures that all students develop political literacy so that they are well-informed and participating citizens in British society.

We commit to providing students with knowledge and understanding of our civic society and enable our students to be active citizens. By exploring life in modern Britain, students will appreciate the diverse range of groups and in our local and national community.  The course lends itself to students who have a passion for what is going on in the world now.  Real and current issues and case studies in both local and global contexts brings Citizenship teaching to life.

Students with analyse critically the different perspectives, explanations and arguments of others. They will develop reasoned and well justified lines of argument in relation to democracy, politics, law and participation.  

We teach our students how to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of citizenship concepts, terms and issues. Students will use sources to apply knowledge and understanding of citizenship concepts, terms and issues to contexts and actions. They will analyse and evaluate a range of evidence relating to citizenship issues, debates and actions, including different viewpoints, to develop reasoned, coherent arguments and make substantiated judgements.

Year 10

GCSE in Citizenship (AQA course) is exam based. In Year 10, students will cover two units and learn about Life in Modern Britain and Rights and Responsibilities.  

​Year 11

In this year, Politics and Participation is studied. The course also includes an element of Active Citizenship that students take part in and features in the examination.


#hardwork #integrity #excellence

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