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Help us help you

The motto of PA is “the best in everyone” and we aim to ensure that we get the best from our students, staff and parents at all times. 

With this in mind we would like to welcome you to the school, and to share with you how you can help us to keep our students safe and help to create the positive learning environment that we believe is essential for success. An important aspect of our ethos is ensuring that our students feel safe and secure at school at all times. We hope that the links below will provide you with useful guidance and advice whenever needed. 

NWG Online Onguarding

NWG Myth Busting

PACE Keeping the pace together

Parents Pack Online Porn

GETTING HELP for parents

Spot the signs

Supporting young people online

Worried about your child being criminally exploited 

For any additional information on our Safeguarding system please do not hesitate to contact our Safeguarding Officer, Ms Claire Newport at claire.newport@paddington-academy.org.




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