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English Language GCSE

Subject: English

In KS4 students will study

In year 10, students read the two studied plays (Macbeth and An Inspector Calls), focusing on securing their knowledge of characters, themes and authorial intention. Anthology Poetry is embedded across the year through one lesson per fortnight. Students study Language Paper One and gain a secure understanding of the knowledge required to approach this paper.

In year 11, students consolidate their knowledge of their studied texts and study them in more depth. We also focus on Language Paper Two and Unseen Poetry in more depth at this point, as students will have a secure knowledge base from year 10 to be able to approach these areas of the exam with increased confidence.

How will students receive feedback?

At Paddington, all students will receive regular feedback from formative assessment tasks. Within the curriculum, specific tasks are allocated for feedback. This ensures all students gain regular feedback. Teachers will mark student work and provide targeted feedback that enables students to improve their work and make progress. To support student understanding, teachers plan high-quality re-teach time to prepare students for their feedback. Across each term, students will receive feedback from multiple tasks.

What examinations / assessments do students have at the end of KS4?

Exam board: AQA

Students will sit two exams for English Language and two exams for English Literature at the end of year 11.

English Language

Paper 1:

Explorations in creative reading and writing (1hr 45mins)

Section A: One fiction extract and four reading questions (60 mins)

Section B: One creative task: writing a descriptive narrative (45 mins)

Paper 2:

Non-fiction: Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives (1hr 45mins)

Section A: Two non-fiction extracts and four reading questions (60 mins)

Section B: One non-fiction task: writing for a specific purpose (45 mins)

English Literature

Paper 1:

Shakespeare and the nineteenth-century novel (1hr 45mins)

Section A: Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ (55 mins)

Section B: Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ (55 mins)

Paper 2:

Modern texts and Poetry (2hr 15mins)

Section A: JB Priestley’s ‘An Inspector Calls’ (45 mins)

Section B: Power and Conflict Anthology Poetry (45 mins)

Section C: Unseen Poetry and unseen comparison (45 mins)

What resources can be used to support learning?

  • There are curriculum books for year 10 and year 11. These books contain all the knowledge that will be covered in lessons.
  • Students in KS4 have a carefully selected revision guide that covers the content of the course and provides a set of exam question.
  • The 100% books contain the knowledge organisers with core knowledge for each cycle. Students can use this to revise key information through self-quizzing.
  • BBC Bitesize has revision resources that support the GCSE English Language course.


GCSE English Overview



#hardwork #integrity #excellence

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