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PA Library

Paddington Academy Library offers a wide range of books, resources and services to all students and staff at the academy. 

Reading and Research help are examples of our services.  Two of the most important goals we have are that access to books should be easy and that reading for enjoyment should become a common activity for everyone. 

The Library has a highly focussed set of collections for Fiction, Non-Fiction, Literature and Language.  For example: books by and about Shakespeare and his plays are together in one of the Literature collections, as are books written in various world languages.  Graphic novels and illustrated books are gathered together and so are books of stories.  We have various Non-Fiction collections such as Pets and other creatures, Habitats, Astronomy and other science-based groups of books.  Other collections include Sports and Games, Religion, Fashion & Beauty. The bookcases are arranged so that it is easy for borrowers to find the books they are looking for.


Useful info

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  •  Local public libraries in the area: Westminter  |  Kensington & Chelsea  |  Camden  | Kilburn