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Exam board information

Below are the details of the level 2 and level 3 courses our students study at Paddington, including the specification code. 

  Level 2 qualifications

Subject Exam board Specification code
  GCSE English Language
  AQA   8700
  GCSE English Literature
  AQA   8702
  GCSE Mathematics
  Edexcel   1MA1
  GCSE Science (Combined)
  AQA   8464
  GCSE Biology
  AQA   8461
  GCSE Chemistry
  AQA   8462
  GCSE Physics
  AQA   8463
  GCSE Art
  Edexcel   1AD0
  GCSE Business
  AQA   8132
  GCSE Drama
  AQA   8261
  GCSE French
  AQA   8658
  GCSE Geography
  Edexcel   1GA0
  GCSE History
  WJEC   C100QS
  GCSE Religious Studies
  WJEC   C120P3
  GCSE Spanish
  AQA   8698
  GCSE Physical Education
  Edexcel   1PE0
  Level 2 Further Mathematics
  AQA   8365
  BTEC Enterprise (Year 11)
  Edexcel   BGYM1
  BTEC Health & Social Care (Year 11)
  Edexcel   YNR61
  BTEC Media (Year 11)
  Edexcel   BYVG4
  BTEC Sport (Year 11)
  Edexcel   BNGC2
  BTEC Travel & Tourism (Year 11)
  Edexcel   CWXH7
  BTEC Enterprise (Year 10)
  Edexcel   REN3
  BTEC Health & Social Care (Year 10)
  Edexcel   RHS3
  BTEC Media (Year 10)
  Edexcel   RCM3
  BTEC Sport (Year 10)
  Edexcel   RSP3



  Level 3 qualifications

Subject Exam board Specification code
  A2 Art
  Edexcel   9AD0
  A2 Biology
  OCR   H420A
  A2 Business
  Edexcel   9BS0
  A2 Chemistry 
  AQA   7405
  A2 Drama
  AQA   7262
  A2 Economics
  Edexcel   9EC0
  A2 English Literature
  Edexcel   9ET0
  A2 Film Studies
  WJEC   A670QS
  A2 French
  AQA   7652
  A2 Further Mathematics
  Edexcel   9FM0E0
  A2 Geography
  Edexcel   9GE0
  A2 Government & Politics
  Edexcel   9PL0A
  A2 History
  AQA   7042CR
  A2 Mathematics
  Edexcel   9MA0
  A2 Philosophy & Ethics
  AQA   7062B
  A2 Physical Education   AQA   7582
  A2 Physics
  AQA   7408C
  A2 Psychology
  AQA   7182
  A2 Sociology
  AQA   7192
  A2 Spanish
  AQA   7692
  Level 3 BTEC Applied Science - Diploma
  Edexcel   TRN25
  Level 3 BTEC Applied Science - Extended Diploma
  Edexcel   TRN26
  Level 3 BTEC Business - Diploma
  Edexcel   TXY55
  Level 3 BTEC Business - Extended Diploma
  Edexcel   TXY56
  Level 3 BTEC Health & Social Care - Diploma   Edexcel   TXY53A
  Level 3 BTEC Health & Social Care - Extended Diploma   Edexcel   UKA67
  Level 3 BTEC Health & Social Care - Extended Diploma
  Edexcel   UKA68
  Level 3 BTEC Media - Diploma   Edexcel   UFR78
  Level 3 BTEC Media - Extended Diploma   Edexcel   UFR80
  Level 3 BTEC Media - Extended Certificate   Edexcel   UFR76
  Level 3 BTEC Sport - Extended Certificate   Edexcel   UYH19


#hardwork #integrity #excellence

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